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Terms & Conditions


The terms and conditions contained herein is a binding agreement between you and Sri Sowdeswari Magalir Trust in relation to your usage of this website and all matters incidental thereto, and will be in effect until such time that you continue usage of this website or , in case of a member, until such time that the member retains his/her membership subscription of Sri Sowdeswari Magalir Trust. The website is exclusively for the Kannada Devangar Community people only.

Before you could use the services and offers provided by our matrimonial website, you should register yourself as a member of our website and our members are expected to agree to the terms contained herein and be bound by the same. You may communicate with other members, by following the instructions contained herein. By accessing, using and obtaining membership of our services through our website, you agree to the terms and conditions contained herein.


To get registered on our website for the purpose of marriage, the brides should be above the age of 18 and bridegrooms should be above the age of 23 as per the law.


Our site can be accessed by individual members for fostering a matrimonial relations for themselves or their immediate relatives and not for any commercial purposes. Organizations , Business Institutions and companies cannot become a member of our website. Any unauthorized or illegal use of our website will be dealt in accordance with law.


Well, all visitors might surf our site, look for advertisements and look upon any feature stories or article our site has to offer. This does not require any registration, personal information or payment.


To access other members' profile, a contribution of Rs.1000/= (Rupees one thousand) to the Corpus Fund of "SRI SOWDESWARI MAGALIR TRUST" is needed. Such a contributor may access profiles for a period of 6 months up to 50 (forty) horoscopes. If required, the user may contribute further sum of Rs.1000/= (Rupees one thousand), to enable to access for a further period of 6 months.

The users who contribute Rs.2000/= (Two thousand) to the Corpus Fund will be given preference and postings will be done for them in the Home Page of the website. The validity period and the number horoscopes will be the same.


To unsubscribe your profile, we request you to log on the appropriate pages and unsubscribe.


You will not be entitled to refund of the money that you pay to Sri Sowdeswari Magalir Trust in any circumstances or for any reason whatsoever.


Only authenticated phone numbers should be given in our website. Changes should be made in the profile if there is any change in the contact numbers.


If any violation of the terms and conditions contained herein is violated by any member and such violation is brought to our notice, then the membership of such violated member will be terminated at the sole discretion of Sri Sowdeswari Magalir Trust.


You agree not to use our website to host, display, upload, modify, publish, transmit, update or share any information that –

Members are forbidden to use automated process such as CGI and IRC bots to view contents or interact / respond with other members.



Sri Sowdeswari Magalir Trust merely acts as a platform for self-introduction by members with each other. We do not take responsibility for any information given or misunderstanding or dispute between you and another member of the website. However, the website reserves all the authority to take actions against misbehaving members, including termination of membership solely at its discretion.


As a user of the website, you agree to hold and cover Sri Sowdeswari Magalir Trust , its officers, affiliates, subsidiaries, employees, partners, and other agents from any liability, loss or demand made by a third party as a result of issues arising out of you violation of the terms contained herein.


In case of any dispute that involves the website or its service, both you and Sri Sowdeswari Magalir Trust shall attempt to resolve the same amicably. However, should such amicable dispute is not achieved, then all disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India only.


The information and details provided in and by Sri Sowdeswari Magalir Trust are general only. While we take great efforts to keep the information correct and updated, we do not take responsibilities, give warranties or make any kind of representations regarding the reliability, availability, suitability or accuracy of the contents of the website. This includes other information, services, products and related graphics, including pictures on the site. You are advised to rely upon information / material available on the website at your own risk and upon making prudent verifications at your end.

Sri Sowdeswari Magalir Trust does not undertake any responsibility or liability over the content of third party websites whose links are made available on this website as Sri Sowdeswari Magalir Trust holds no control, power of authority over the content of those third party websites. The content in such third party websites are not endorsed by Sri Sowdeswari Magalir Trust, unless specifically denoted as such.

Nothing herein shall be constructed to mean that this website and the content herein is flawless or that is would be accessible without interruption and Sri Sowdeswari Magalir Trust does not make any such representations to the user of this website.